To Be, or NOT to Be, That is the Question 2015-64

To Be, or NOT to Be, That is the Question      2015-64

“To be or not to be” is a well know axiom

And to postulate this fact is totally true

To feed on this is really somewhat rubbish

And to expound further is a witch’s brew


Let me be careful in my choice of words

For those that abound can flay me with

Ridicule as a way to respond candidly,

Which is to be expected!


How do we want to be actually?

That really gives others insight

To how we are, what we are,

And are in reality!


Or would we rather be not what we are

And give others a false sense of actuality!

To hide behind a facade of what we desire

But know what we are not?


To be what we want to be and not question

What we are, but act honestly in our endeavors

So others can judge us (if that is allowed)

And comment with truthfulness to others

Den Betts