Metamorphosis 2015-49

This is just me, being me, with thoughts of mis-trust, with no compromise in life and the way things are in our country.  We can do nothing or something, but letting those that make decisions what we think is important. I believe that, the only thing is HOW we do that is also important and many have just un-kind words or actions that hinder the process. A change from a caterpillar to a butterfly is an example, and to change from a do nothing to a changer of some sorts is a metamorphosis in life for any……….

                   Metamorphosis   2015-49

To say that all the things are wrong

around us and need replaced – is wrong.

and that is what I say now.


To state our country is going to Hell

with no hope of recovery – I disagree

or want to and need to.


To believe our leaders are all not good

can’t be true, and is not, and that is

what I feel or know, or again need to.


To agree with those that have no kind

words about anything, is not what I want

or will do, if I can.


To be a cynic and not know it – a horrible

thought, – one I pray is not

correct or hope so.


To change, and become a changer in life,

a positive influence of making things

right or better,  I must.

Den Betts

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