Finality Explored 2015-59

A little heavy, not for the light hearted- LOL… This I wrote when I was thinking- again!  I have to stop doing that process…..      We all have our existence that can be measured and counted on and perhaps I infer this in this poem…..

Finality Explored   2015-59


So much, so much – yet nothing of consequence

in the final way and things of the world


It happens as the sun comes up in the morning

and sets at night, to begin yet another day on the morrow


It goes on regardless, of the joys and sadness that

may occur on a daily basis, passing all in its wake



Too much, too much – yet so very important

in a down to earth everyday existence


It lessens the spirit, stops the flow of creativity

but, remains as a reminder of our vulnerability


It stays the course of the free spirit, of one,

and becomes a manifestation of victory



So little, so little – yet the essence of all,

in a way that transcends the whole


It becomes the very heart of the transfiguration

of Him,  the final lasting pleasure


It is the way, the only way, to begin once again

to know of the purity of wonder – forever….


Den Betts