Hope for a Vision 2015-62

Wishful thinking on my part, creating a thought that there is HOPE in mankind, if we were to only set aside our differences, communicate with each other and live in harmony. DUH!!! It is a naïve thought to say the least. We cannot do so in our own country, our own state, city or neighborhoods. Am I down, perhaps, but realistic in my thinking; but to have a vision of hope is sometimes better than the opposite – despair!!!!

Hope for a Vision   2015-62

I saw a vision the other night

It moved me with its power and might

A scene of world peace and eternal bliss

Floated around me in a wonderful mist

The races, believers, and factions were there

Arm in arm, smiling, without any care

Is it a foretaste of truth or of fiction

To dream of a time when there is no friction

It may happen and then again, may not

But, it’s the only hope the world has got.

Den Betts