Waterfall 2014-13

How vividly I recall our visit to the Cuyahoga Valley National Park near Cleveland and seeing the beauty of the woods, the valley and a place called Brandywine Falls. I was there on a late summer day and the leaves were starting to change for the beginning of the Fall season. You could stand at the top of the waterway and see where the falls began and then take a walk down a wooden platform walkway to get below the falls and look up at the spray. Brandywine is not a BIG waterfall, but is impressive anyhow, because of its beauty. When you look at the stream below the falls, it becomes again, a simple stream, but the falls make the transition from above to below, just wonderful to see.


The wandering cool stream gently sped

Moving toward the precipice close ahead

Funnels of rock squeeze the flowing water

Pushing it toward the outcrop faster

Emerald greed moss nurtured by its flow

Mingle with the ferns above and below

Molecules of wetness leap in the air

In bursting spray without a care

Once blue-brown now white, so white,

Plunging down with all its might

A constant thunder and roar make a bellow

And becomes louder as it races below

The cascading cataract frozen in flight

Smashes on the boulders with all its might

Reaching for the sky it falls, near the shore

Then continues flowing gently as ever before DDB

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