Great to be Alive 2015-17

Great to be Alive      2015-17

Sometimes it is perhaps best to just appreciate life as you live it and go on from there. Too many times we, or I, do not do so, but instead get wrapped up in everyday things that take up our time, but do not contribute to a peaceful and meaningful one. So, leave you with this poem that I wrote awhile back and hopefully you will see what I mean.

To see a rainbow cross the sky

on a slow sultry day

And smell the newly cut grass,

or golden mown hay,

Love to feel the wind

blow across my face,

and trace with my fingertips

the edge of pretty lace,

To hear far off distant sounds

of a whistling rumbling train,

and listen to the pitter patter,

of a soft spring rain.

To taste a sparkling fizzy Coke,

on a warm summer’s night

or the malty flavor, at times,

of a cool Bud Light.


But most of all, the joy of life

is of letting my mind roam,

And being able to write

a simple little poem……….

Den Betts

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