The U.S. – a NATION OF COWARDS 2018-58

The U.S. – a NATION OF COWARDS 2018-58
We in the United States, are a nation of cowards!! This includes me, you and anyone reading this message of despair in the U.S. if you read and only complain, and do nothing.

This includes the so-called leaders of our country, which includes the President down to the county office politicians, where we live.

We allowed the current top leader in the U.S., to be elected by default. This was enabled by non-voters of each party, the votes by the “base” that are still mind controlled by him, and normal people with hyped expectations. If you did not vote for “him”, that is a plus.

Our politicians have no guts and allow the pro-terrorist group called the NRA to bring them into submission with payoffs as bribes to follow their wishes.

We continue to allow the weapons of war to kill innocent people across America. We have politicians, paid by the NRA, to promote their wishes of using killing weapons on our people, and WE DO NOTHING!

I name, Republican Senator Rob Portman of Ohio, one of my Senators, who is a coward, being bribed by the NRA for doing NOTHING regarding the gun issue. I do not know about my Congressman Dave Joyce, if he is a paid NRA participant, but if he is paid, he is a coward also. Many others in America belong to this group of cowards, that say much, but do NOTHING!!!

The killing today of 10 students in Texas is another example of our do-nothing country citizens and poor politicians. We the people, are guilty of their deaths, just like the 17-year-old shooter in Santa Fe, TX. We allow our country to be ruled by the NRA and with a President, who was paid also, and, as a lying SOB, who leads those in control of Congress to just ignore what can be changed.

A Nation of Cowards we all are, for we are ALL complacent and complicit in these horrible actions. I am ashamed of myself, and of others that just say much, but do little regarding this issue. I applaud the students of Parkland, Florida who are outspoken about this and they are heroes in my mind.

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NOT approved for publishing by my Editor, as it is deemed “too reactionary”!

Politicians 2016-63

I wrote this before at one of the past elections and it STILL applies. Politicians are necessary to run various governments, but they do have their issues. This year of 2016 has its own unimaginable events with Da Trump and Mrs. Clinton running for POTUS. I have refrained from commenting on this blog what I think but may share my thoughts in the future.

Politicians 2016-63

A politician, at times, is a crafty old soul,

So it was written or maybe I was told.

It seems he or she is elected for life.

With elections being little more than mile strife.

They have to spend money to stay in office,

And then spend OUR dollars in ways that are offensive.

They can also be bought by a P.A.C. member,

And feel free as a bird from Jan to December.

Why do we elect these Congressmen and Senators,

We must not mind being taken to the cleaners.

We deserve what we get, to good and the bad,

But really, when you think, it’s terribly sad.

With this nation so great, with so many problems,

We have to many poor leaders, many are robbers.

If I sound down, on our esteemed leadership,

Its due to the feeling we’re sinking like a ship.

So, if I can end this with a thought kept in mind,

Do what you can, but watch your behind…..

Dennis Betts