Politicians 2016-63

I wrote this before at one of the past elections and it STILL applies. Politicians are necessary to run various governments, but they do have their issues. This year of 2016 has its own unimaginable events with Da Trump and Mrs. Clinton running for POTUS. I have refrained from commenting on this blog what I think but may share my thoughts in the future.

Politicians 2016-63

A politician, at times, is a crafty old soul,

So it was written or maybe I was told.

It seems he or she is elected for life.

With elections being little more than mile strife.

They have to spend money to stay in office,

And then spend OUR dollars in ways that are offensive.

They can also be bought by a P.A.C. member,

And feel free as a bird from Jan to December.

Why do we elect these Congressmen and Senators,

We must not mind being taken to the cleaners.

We deserve what we get, to good and the bad,

But really, when you think, it’s terribly sad.

With this nation so great, with so many problems,

We have to many poor leaders, many are robbers.

If I sound down, on our esteemed leadership,

Its due to the feeling we’re sinking like a ship.

So, if I can end this with a thought kept in mind,

Do what you can, but watch your behind…..

Dennis Betts

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