Centrist Beliefs 2015-67

Centrist Beliefs  2015-67

I begin this with a disclaimer. If you are a liberal, conservative, or moderate, the following may upset you. Well, at least, maybe, make you definitely not be in agreement with what I am saying. That being said, you have fair warning whether or not to continue reading. I am not writing to upset anyone, but my statements may do so in the process. This could also have been titled “Get off the Fence” or “Middle of the Roader”, but the central theme is, in a way, seeing two opinions or actions that have merit in everything.

I read many articles online, in the paper and hear many statements from those I know that expound on what the people writing and saying believe.  I do NOT have a problem with their thinking the way they do, just have come to the realization that many things said or written are not what I believe in all the way or all the time.

What is a Centrist?

I consider myself a centrist. A centrist can be many things and can also be part Republican, Democrat or Independent, somewhat.  At least, we vote for those in political office that are running for this and that positions. We do not have an actual Centrist party but we do deal with the center right and center left areas in the political spectrum.  I like to think we see the bigger picture and are voices of reason while we are centered in thinking.

I make no claim to be a member of any party, and will vote for the person who I believe is best for the position, not his or her party they belong to at the time.  I want debate, not to win, but rather to find best ideas and solutions, often formed through spirited conversations that inter-mingle issues and ideas from many sides, that when brought together, create better solutions.

Debating issues

I will debate an issue, but do not feel I do so to win, but rather to find best ideas for a problem. By doing so, through spirited discussions and considering the issues and ideas from many sides, when brought together, they may create those better solutions. I learn from having any, one on one, discussions. I am not afraid to claim I have changed my mind on an issue, and do not consider changing to be one of weakness or giving in to another’s viewpoint. Such a change could be due to different facts being brought to my attention that I did not know or was not aware of before the discussion.

As far as political candidates go, I support candidates based on their good character, and rational, collaborative approaches to solving society’s greatest issues. I feel that rational approaches must include effective listening and even compromise during debate. Inability to compromise stalls forward action, harming all concerned and is, in fact, the antithesis of good governing. Sometimes I am completely wrong and usually time tells and lets me know I screwed up in my decision making process.

One of the crusty politicians of our time in the past was a Democrat, Tip O’Neal.  He and Republican President Reagan were always at odds for this and that, but, Reagan said of O’Neal, “He was his friend, after 6 PM.” O’Neal loved politics and government because he saw that politics and government could make a difference in people’s lives. We, today, as a society are not seeing compromise in our leadership and it is telling in the way things progress in our capital. That is too bad, but is part of the way things are run by all parties that make up the political scene today.

Name calling and defaming cartoons

I refuse to call anyone a name, because that is degrading and goes beyond the norm of decency. I believe that showing facts about a person is better, and the person I show them to can reach an opinion their selves about the person in question. History will show the right and wrong of actions today and it is unclear how well history will speak of this time, the leaders and what we do. I think we MUST take a stand and speak up and be heard. Publishing defaming cartoons is not the way to debate either. To do so is showing your character to others in an undignified way for those to see.

The same goes for many other issues that are at the forefront of today‘s news.  It is too easy to stay on the political subject when stating to be a Centrist. I feel it is the big issue to discuss, but I go further and claim to be one (a Centrist) for many other issues beyond the political spectrum.  OK, I am stretching it a little, but it is making a point of my feelings about other issues; that being, much of a middle of the road type person.

We have had in the past twenty years, happenings that make people decide to go with one side or another in their thinking.  Liberal or conservative thoughts about a subject are there to think about today. Conflicts in the Middle East, religious uprisings, and the multitude of newsworthy items all make for opinions that encourage discussions of the viewpoints to be discussed.

I must admit that in certain areas I tend to sway one way or another and not take the middle ground stand. But, even when I state a certain side of an issue I try to do so with facts, not opinions based on past experiences or someone else’s ideas of the subject. Also, what I thought about a subject when I was 25 is not, in many cases, what I think today as a senior citizen.  I still think I can change my mind about a subject, when new or additional info is presented.

Conflicts yesterday and today   as an example of Centrist thinking………..

I can state that I feel our involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan is different now than when we first began the “long war” in those areas. OK, I was somewhat in agreement in getting involved at the onset, but have most definitely changed my opinion today.  Why? I cannot agree in the cost of doing business in those places. The actual money cost and the loss of life and wounded is, in my mind, is not worth it. I feel now, we should never even have begun the conflicts in the way we did, which have affected our country in so many ways.  Of course, tell that to a parent or spouse of one of those that have died or become horribly maimed and I am sure that they want to think those loved ones did not die or become wounded in vain. The same goes for Vietnam.  It could also be the rules of engagement that the leaders put in place that bothers me more than anything; not sure right now. The problem in my mind is WHAT to do now that the problem has presented itself. I will wait till another time to state what I think should be done, but for now, just say that I am undecided in my mind.

That being said, the 2015 situation with ISIS is sad.  I truly, CANNOT understand the rationale of the ISIS thinking. It is stated that it is a religious undertaking on their part. I say BULLS—. The actions by ISIS are barbaric, primitive, and totally not a religious undertaking on their part. Religion is used as an excuse, but it is an archaic reasoning of the past and not true for today. Again, this is something for another post.

Den Betts

Differences of Opinion 2015-61

How many times have I had to concede a point that I did not want to concede, and in doing that action, had peace with the other person? Why can’t people, in general, state what they believe and go on from there? Compromise is always a great finish to any discussion. BUT, the need to be correct, in the mind, is universal. I think of politics and the people that ply that trade and do it so poorly today, in my opinion……..

Differences of Opinion 2015-61

I say I am right, or so I think,

You say you are right, without a blink.

A difference of opinion you say,

On the thought at hand this day.

Discuss religion – I think not – stay away,

It’s a matter of faith anyway.

Life after death, you wonder aloud,

The proof is at the end – head bowed.

Politics as a subject to talk about,

Ends with a thousand ideas, no doubt.


Little and big – exciting and dull,

To you and me, important to all.

Will you concede one point I ask,

If I do so first – it’s not a large task.

Nothing should be all black and white,

Grey shades of opinion would be more right.

If we start with one point, then go to two,

Could a compromise result, if we see it through?

If we can do that, why not the rest,

It would be great if put to the test.

Instead of all the fighting and turmoil,

Sitting down and talking would be just royal.

Maybe it will never happen, the futures hard to see,

But, it’s better than now, you have to agree.

Den Betts