Earth Brother-Sister 2016-05

I think of all the conflict, hatred, bad blood, and religious turmoil on Earth that we see on the news regularly. Do not people of all faiths, heritage, race and ethnicity realize that we are ALL brothers on this planet? We do not HAVE to exist in perfect harmony, but there is NO reason for the horrible relationships that occur on a daily basis.

I don’t care what God, or even if people believe in God, but, common sense should rule. Each of us has to share what we have and exist together, in a better way than what we do. The God I believe in said, “Love one another as I have loved you.” (John 13:34). And that should NOT be that difficult. It takes an effort, leadership, desire, etc., but it should NOT be that hard of a thing to do.


Earth Brother-Sister   2016-05


Be my brother/sister


ye of another race


Hold my hand


as we both say grace.


Be my brother/sister


ye of another faith


Let us both believe and live


in eternity, when we leave.


Be my brother/sister


ye of another heritage,


Down  through time


may be greet as friends.


Be my brother/sister,


ye of this planet Earth


Not of blood,


but one of worth.


Den Betts


President’s Message 2015-153

I decided to post something that I wrote this week for the Church Council of the church where I belong, and where I am the presiding President. I did so, because it is about a time whereas many celebrate this time of year in their own way. I cannot deny that I am religious, but I look at myself in a more spiritual way. Regardless of your beliefs or nature, you hopefully will get something out of this post in my perspective.

President’s Message 2015-153

It is THAT time of year again!  What time!???  The time that we all celebrate the birth of our Lord, Jesus Christ if we belong to a Christian faith.  How wonderful and the word wonderful is just not enough.

Yes; we are involved in the merriment of the moment and yes we are doing the things we do now.   And yes, things are different now than when they were in the past, or at least I think so….

But, it would be easy to forget just why we look at this time of year the way we do. The things that have happened in the world and in the U.S. can be unnerving, but we must NOT let those things control our emotions or control us.

The Father, the son, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit are STILL with us. Their Presence is always with us; always.

I went to the bank to make a deposit to next year’s Christmas club and on the way out toward the door, I looked back at the two tellers and said, “Oh, by the way, Happy Holidays!” Then I stopped and restated, “NO, Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.!” They both looked surprised, smiled and said, “You too, Mr. Betts.”  (It was a slow day and we were the only ones in this small bank in Newbury)

The only thing I have against the Christmas time period occurs on Dec 26. It is like a veil is dropped and we are back to the grind of daily living, looking forward to the New Year and what it brings.  I do not celebrate the 12 days of Christmas, and on the 26th things change. All the Christmas music is off the air it seems; all the advertisements and deals are over, and we have plenty of time to play with our toys and look at what we got the day before, or consider returning or exchanging the gifts we received. But, Christmas has come and gone and that is sort of sad in a way.

I had a mirror (probably still do somewhere) showing Scrooge and written on it is “Bah Humbug” It was put out by my children years ago because I had, more than likely, an attitude that was not the best. We have not displayed this for quite a while now and I am happy about that fact. I look at my blessings of life and my feelings are now different. I get, I receive, I am blessed with a gift from God each and every day.

These gifts are reinforced each Sunday I go to church. Each sunrise allows me to sense the gifts from God that He presents to me. Every day, I am reminded that Jesus Christ’s time on the cross, allows me the chance to have eternal life with Him and my departed loved ones. Wow, what a gift Jesus gave us, that started on the day He was born and continues each and every day for us.

I do not have to return it or exchange it but I do cherish it and it is not just mine, but ours to know and enjoy. What a time of year it is; one to remember and continue with, always….. It is wonderful!!!!!!!


Den Betts

Why God!!! “Oh Why????? 2015-146

Why God!!! “Oh Why?????   2015-146

A simple question that I do not have an easy answer, but ask!

I would like to ask God, “Why do things happen the way they do?” regarding so many things that occur each day, week, month or year.

I think I know the answer, but would like a confirmation on what I think…  God is where He is right now, and in a way, I believe He is with me as I type. He, in the form of the Holy Spirit, is present with me.

I could turn around, look to my right or left, or behind me and will not see Him, but He is there and I really think He is shaking His head at me. He is accepting me the way I am, who I am, and what I am. And. in that thought. I know He is wondering why I am asking such a stupid question of Him.

He knows what I am thinking and in the knowing, is not telling me the answer to the question, “Why!?” He knows I know the answer and His silence is so quiet, so, in a way, so wonderful. He is allowing me to look into myself and see, and hear what He knows I know.

I am sure, no, I am positive that He is asked, “Why” all the time. Look at the TV, hear the radio, read the newspaper, talk to someone, listen at conversations and the question, “Why” is asked of God all the time.

“Why did Uncle Charlie die; baby Jane, or any loved one we know?” It is not that they are now in a better place; they were good where they were, around people and family they knew! So that is not a great question to find out why.

“Why do people do stupid or horrific things they do?” Why do the ISIS followers do what they do to innocent people.  Do they ever wish they had those five minutes of their lives back, to think things out better?

There are billions of why’s floating out there that people could and do ask God about!

For every question of “Why” there is also a “Why not!” question. If there was a God, it is asked, “Why not, is the question of “Why didn’t God, save, fix, or stop, or anything like that” for things that did not go so well or were not the way we want them. “Therefore, there is not a God, it is stated, or He would have helped, saved or protected, instead of doing nothing.

God cannot win at times. Either He gets the credit or the debit of life in the process.

Crap happens; it is as simple as that.  He is with us always, regardless of what is happening. He is beside us when we are dying, being born, experiencing life in the joys and sadness at times.

But guess what!? Many times it is something He knows that we should try to know. We, as His children are responsible for our actions, or someone is responsible. We can look in the mirror and see what we have done with the shell we inhabit. We, as God’s children, are in control, sort of, with ourselves in our daily living.

If we want to abuse ourselves, hey, go ahead. He can sit behind us and shake His head and wish we do not, but it is our choice. We can go on with our lives, and either live the good life or reap the rewards of the bad life. Our choice!  This has been called “Free Will” and has been debated by theologians and scholars forever.

It is so much easier to give credit to God when things go right and blame Him when the opposite happens. He can take it!!! He will understand our need to thank Him when something occurs that He did not make happen, and when crap happens, He understands our frustrations of blaming Him for something that He did not make to occur. That is life.

So, go ahead and ask God, “WHY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” But, understand that regardless, He is with us always, not sometimes, or on occasion, but always. Give this some thought and perhaps say “Thank you God for being with me when I needed your presence, thank you when I needed you in my time of need, thank you, when things went well and the times when they did not go well, but thank you God, regardless!”

Den Betts

Alpha and Omega 2015-143

I guess I could cop out and say, “I just write them and do not necessarily understand them”, but that would really be lying. What concerns me at times is the fact that even though I write them, I actually do understand them, in a way, when I wrote the poems.


Alpha and Omega  2015-143

He said, “I am the Alpha and the Omega”

The beginning and the end

That which was and has become


The living was the existence

And the very soul of being

Change became the norm

With evolution, a maturity of life


A start with innocence

Experience was the outcome

And a conclusion of thought

Became a completeness of knowledge


That which was, is not anymore

Instead, an overall process of living

An involvement of simple simplicity

Of realization that what is — becomes was

Den Betts

The Light 2015-141

So many thoughts, writings, and discussions about God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit! So much said about what He, as part of the Triune God, is and how the light will show us the way toward having the light of life. What IS the light of life? It is something that is promised and something that can be looked at as a wonderful thing that will occur. In time, I look forward to this blessed event and happening and wish, only wish, that others can see the promise also and know that it is truly there to experience…………

The Light 2015-141


What is “The Light”?

The light is the way!

The way is of God

God is the light!


Jesus was and is

The light of the world

Whoever follows Him

Will never walk in darkness

But Will have the light of life


Look for the light

See in the dark

Know that you are not alone

Follow and have the eternal light of life…..

Den Betts (with help from the NIV- John 8:12)



John 8:12

New International Version When Jesus spoke again to the people, he said, “I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.”

Miracle 2015-140

A friend of mine told me that what happened was a miracle. I listened, wondered and contemplated what he said and, I guess, accepted his statement. I DO think that a miracle would be believed better, if it was seen by many and not just a few or just one. Well, maybe not believed, but at least acknowledged as something different that has happened and can be talked about at length. Oh well, God is involved and I do not want to get in a conflict of thought with Him…………..

Miracle 2015-140

When does an experience become a miracle?

Does it happen to one or very many

Why does it occur if it does?

And why does it not when it could

What is taught by the occasion?

Or is the occasion lost in time

Who is the benefactor of being?

When the being is an abstract thought

Is miracle too complex of a subject

OR can the subject be a complex miracle

Questions of life that pursue me

As I contemplate what was then and now.

So simple to just think of it

Without knowing the answer

But always believing what is known

IS what it was and is.

A miracle IS what it is, as it is, and because it is

A Miracle!!!!!!!!!


Den Betts

A Man 2015-129

Just how do we feel about those that are not of our kind or looks. It is so easy to be judgmental and turn away from those not like us. We do have much to learn about being more tolerant and forgiving to others that do not appear like us, or are different in many ways, such as faith, color, heritage, location of living, and so many other ways……..

A Man   2015-129

I saw a man as if in a dream,

His hair was long like a once called hippy.

The sandals he wore appeared as old as he,

The smell of sweat was in the air, not clean.

Looks are not true of a man and his beliefs,

But, only are signs of what and how things just are.

Should I criticize the longhaired or bare footed,

Or those that are not like me?

A man died for me once who was like this,

Would I judge him today like he was then?

Do I cast a verdict for those not like me,

The outside looks are not the inside thoughts.

The self-righteous man has much to learn,

From those that walk the ways of life.

Den Betts