Change Direction 2017-38


What does it take to do something, to “change direction” in our lives? What exactly is it to do so and what directional change could we make? Sometimes it takes something to make us do something!

Recently, a friend of mine had a life-threatening health diagnosis that gives this person the opportunity to change direction in their lives.  Or, it gives them the chance to decide on doing something different other than just continuing in their lives the same way as it has been before the health news.

Yes, we can do nothing different.  We can seek treatment in some way that might make us better. We can do more though, by making a change in our lives in many other ways.

To change direction involves many things.  It may involve having a lifestyle that uproots our normal way of existing to one of having better habits, more exercise, eating different things, a disciplined way of using our mind towards a complete change of our Self.

Our attitude of living can be challenged to the point where we will no longer be seen as the person before. Perhaps, we will get closer to the God we were ignoring and become more cognizant of His presence towards us.  Or, maybe we will have a feeling of empathy for those we shunned or did not see in front of us, or among us.

Many things can happen that will involve our direction in life, which will completely make us a better person in the process. The old us, will become the new beginning of the newer us and this change will be startling to some, because it is not the old us in front of them now.

I remember a movie that involved “The Bucket List”. This showed two men who decided to make a change in their lives and begin to whittle down a list of things they wanted to succeed doing before they died. Perhaps we can start a list of those things we have put off in our lives because we were too busy, too scared, or too poor to do them in the past.  Maybe, we ALL should make a bucket list and check off those items we have not done in our lives.

To change direction requires us to make decisions.  We MUST start somewhere, and I ask this: When is the time to start?  When must we begin to change direction in our lives?  Also, consider this: What if we never change and the life line of life ends before we even get a chance to make a change?

If so, so be it.  We just did not decide on something we could have done that might have made a difference to someone else besides ourselves, which would be sad to a degree. This time on Earth has an ending, and we are all subject to this point in time.  

The ending on Earth does not mean, in my mind, an ending of life, just the ending as an Earthling.  I went to a funeral and the Priest said, “Our lives are like a trilogy, a beginning by being born, a middle where we live on Earth, and the third part, our eternal living after we die.” What if he was correct?

Can we, should we, really take a chance and not live our lives on earth with gusto and finally make a change in direction, and realize the third option of having life hereafter can be a reality?

Den Betts

Make a Change 2015-110

How easy it is in life to go on and on and on without making a change to improve ourselves or the way of life we live. To make a change involves doing something different and taking the chance that the change will not go well. But, to not make a change and continue in the existence we live is not really the best thing to do; is it?. It does take some fortitude to make that change, but WOW, what if it is to the Better?????

Make a Change 2015-110

They say the only constant in life,

Is that there will always be change.

Change is usually considered good or bad,

But sometimes it is in between.

In many cases, not exactly what you want,

And perhaps you have to take it as it comes.

Accepting change can be a hard thing to do,

But its easier to cope if you try.

It can be wonderful, or it can be very sad,

A thing to hate or one to be glad.

Your choices in life are always there,

But, decisions will create a change,

It is what you make of it that really counts,

So, try the change, and if bad –

Again, make a change…

Den Betts

Catalyst 2015-36

Catalyst    2015-36  

How many people do we know that are Catalysts? Do they affect people, but not really themselves in the process? How do they do so, and what affect overall do they make?

Being and sounding wise, without any effort to do so? Not taking a definite stance, but creating a definite way of life.  Questions, but perhaps no really good answers……..     


A person-thing of no change, but one that changes,

To alter a mindset of opinion, yet remain neutral.

A devils advocate that pleads a case for itself,

One that allows prejudice to be a foreign entity.

An observer of life, one that sees and listens,

And comments on the scene that has been seen.

A buffer between factions, ideals; open to all,

But allowed not to become a joiner of any.

A Solomon in wisdom, without the decision-making,

The sage of the hill, creating thought to others,

A person behind the action, not a part;

Creating inspiration and change for good or bad

Not affected by their actions, but affecting those they touch,

Creating a change again, and in the process making transformations

Den Betts

Candle 2015-19

Candle         2015-19


A blind man sat on a barren hillside, at noon;

Holding a small lit candle near his lap.

Nobody journeyed to see him or inquire,

The daylight absorbing the candles rays.

He sat and waited, and sat some more,

It seemed forever – each passing hour.

Discouraged and sad he prayed to God,

To help him, and to help them find the way.

A miracle occurred that was more than just rare,

An eclipse; his candle becoming a bright beacon.

People looked up and saw the light up above,

Went and gathered around its glow.

The man told them of the meaning of faith,

And how believing can make a happening occur.

Such as turning the light of one small candle,

Into a guiding light for those in darkness.

One small candle, one ordinary man,

Making a change for many or for few.

Den Betts