A Man 2015-129

Just how do we feel about those that are not of our kind or looks. It is so easy to be judgmental and turn away from those not like us. We do have much to learn about being more tolerant and forgiving to others that do not appear like us, or are different in many ways, such as faith, color, heritage, location of living, and so many other ways……..

A Man   2015-129

I saw a man as if in a dream,

His hair was long like a once called hippy.

The sandals he wore appeared as old as he,

The smell of sweat was in the air, not clean.

Looks are not true of a man and his beliefs,

But, only are signs of what and how things just are.

Should I criticize the longhaired or bare footed,

Or those that are not like me?

A man died for me once who was like this,

Would I judge him today like he was then?

Do I cast a verdict for those not like me,

The outside looks are not the inside thoughts.

The self-righteous man has much to learn,

From those that walk the ways of life.

Den Betts

4 thoughts on “A Man 2015-129

  1. I love this. People say “oh, things that happened in days like the bible don’t happen today.” When really, it’s happening all over the world, everyday. Judging people based on looks is something I work hard to not do, because it’s true that the outside doesn’t matter at all. To be cheesy for a moment- our appearance is just the wrapping paper, the gift is what’s inside. 🙂


    • It is ALL too easy to judge anyone, including their dress, looks, beliefs, etc.etc. because they are different than us. I try very hard not to do so, and yet do find myself, at times, forgetting that we are different for a reason. If Jesus Christ came to my front door, would I look at Him and just send Him away? I hope to say I would not………..


  2. ….thank you for sharing this Today dear friend–it is what is inside your Heart that matters, as you brought out in your message…Giving of one self, for the the sake of the LORD, and forgiveness that is so overpowering that never ceases—thank you Linda Sutton xoxo


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