In the Name of God 2015-29

I post this with the knowledge of the atrocities an killings done in the Middle East and what was also done on 911. When, just when, will we wake up and see  that the actions done are beyond primitive in nature. When will those that fight and kill stop doing so especially in the name of God. Maybe never! This would be a companion poem to the Radical Islamist Thoughts blog.

In the Name of God    2015-29

Conflict reigns with fevered pitch,

As opposing sides find their fiery niche.

Jews and Arabs continue to die- – –

Religious differences – A reason why?


Protestants and Catholic fought in Belfast,

Makes one wonder, how long peace will last.

How many times will this fighting go on,

From night until night and the next dawn.


A heathen Indian who prayed to the sun,

Decimated by the white man with his Christian gun.

A nigger slave (words used then) who tried to be brave,

Shot by an owner and sent to the grave.


History abounds with stories of grief,

Of sons and daughters dying for a belief,

Does the Deity prayed to in all this strife,

Really want these deaths by the gun and knife?


Does He condone this wanton killing,

By all the people that do so – so willing..

Or is it true that its NOT – in the name of God,

And should be stopped, FOR GOD’s SAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!


Den Betts

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