He is MY President 2018-68

I apologize to any that read this that are not from the United States of America.  We, in the U.S., have a leader that is very unusual to say the least.  I do respect him, did not vote for him, and do not really like him or the things he does, but he IS the President and, as such, I and the rest of us, have to put up with the things he is responsible for today. If any have any concerns, understand that he is not the President forever, like some countries, it will just FEEL like forever.  I do NOT normally comment on the blog, any political thoughts, so forgive me for this time………….


                                                      He is MY President!                            2018-68

Today, I looked at the RAM truck in front of my car at the light and saw on the back window, a sign stating, “Trump is MY President”.

That reminded me that a friend stated, “He IS the President and needs respect” or he might have said “deserves respect”, not sure.   I might have argued with him about this, but knowing he was once a commissioned officer in the Army, I gathered this was part of his thinking.  President equals Commander in Chief, and I let it go.

But, I looked at the truck in more detail after I read the poster on the window.  There were hunting stickers on the bumper which told me he was a hunter, of course. Or at least he was stating he was as such.  I looked at the left side of the truck where an American flag was on a sticker and figured he was a patriot of some sorts. I don’t do that, putting my allegiance on my car, but that is not the point. I might add that there was also a Confederate Flag on the on the right side of the truck window. Hmmm.

The statement that the owner figured that Trump was HIS President, made me think.  Of the total amount of people that voted, less than 50% voted for this man.  The other percentage voted for his opponent and Trump won, based on the electoral college, which is the way it is still done. He won, period, and did so per the regulations that are in effect now. I digress.

The point is, Trump brags about his base.  The people that DO applaud him are those that like what he is doing, regardless.  These are his base, which account for less than 40%, plus or minus some percentage points.  Trump is THEIR President and they are proud of being his base and what he stands for and does.  Now that is loyalty.

I cannot argue this thinking.  I do not claim to be part of his base, do not like many things he does, and I feel he does NOT have the moral fortitude that a President has to have.  In my mind he is not what MY President needs to be to represent me, as the leader of the greatest country in the world today.

I have accumulated over 5 dozen items of interest that show me, and any that want to read them, just what I feel about this man who is the leader of the free world today.  They are ALL negative, which is sort of telling.  I think that there are some positive things I could mention, but none come to mind.

The unfortunate part of this shows me that there are THOSE out there that are for him and MANY out there that are not for him.  But, he is the President; just not mine, and I do NOT respect him at all.


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Values 2018-32

Values  2018-32

What are values in life as far as ethics goes, for instance? What do we put on them as far as importance, in relation to our actions and how we live? Do values determine our correct conduct and lifestyle, such as being “good” or if we see a way of life with low value, is that “bad”?  I would think that whatever action is done, its value would be raised or lowered or at least changed.

I think of today’s turmoil in life in the United States, as an indicator of our values. We can do “right” or “wrong” or decide what “ought to be” and these actions will determine our values in life. 

Certain actions by some today, show for others, their “values” in life.  The decisions made and the repercussions that occur also determine how we see ourselves in the mirror.  If we accept an action or decree by a person in charge, we are part of that determination of values that go along with the decision.

This is too broad of a subject to easily put a clear definition on what our values are today.  But, we can speculate as to the “good and bad” of some of things that transpire on a regular basis now. 

Treating people in a certain way and accepting the results of such treatment can be viewed as good and bad, but by different people with different backgrounds and cultures.

Immigration, health, taxes, etc. are examples of what can be right or wrong where mandates, laws, and dictates affect SO many people of many types. It is TOO easy to make a decision that changes the lives of others, without thinking of the changes made, just the results. This is where we must decide on what our values are, when we see the new rules that apply.

Health care that takes away the care of people, immigration dictates that forego past laws and create discord for many, taxes that give back just a little, to the low end of financial statues people, are examples of where we must again, decide what our values are in life. 

To, in essence, say the hell with the aged, the unhealthy, the poor, because we should take care of ourselves and forget those people, is WRONG.  Our values are skewed, if we think this is right and correct.

We have become inhuman, we can now state we are sub-human to others, and in such a life, we are therefore not worthy of being called a populace of any thing that is worthy ourselves. We cannot say we are acting in a business-like way, without realizing the human way of life.  If we still proclaim ourselves as occupants of a nation based on Christian values, we are deceiving ourselves, and any that listen, by saying we are Christians.

I have not stated any names, because the mirror of life is there for all of us to look at and ponder our beliefs and those of others. We in the U.S. have much to consider now and in the future.  Where do we draw the line as to what we accept or reject in life, whereas, in those areas where others are affected, we will, in turn, be affected.

Den Betts                            bettsden@gmail.com

Respect 2017-50

                                                 Respect  2017-50


Respect is just a word!  BUT, if you are looking for it, the word is again, just a word. The cliché- “Respect is earned – not a given”, or something like that, means a lot to many people.

Respect does NOT respect power, income, stature, position or other self-important ideals. A CEO, a President, or leader of any sorts, still must prove that respect is deserved.

Demanding or expecting respect, or trying to get it, will NOT work, and never will do so. The actions we do, the feelings we have, the results of OUR endeavors, will dictate how much respect we will have by others.

I respect many people that I know and interact with on a regular basis. Some people I do NOT know, and those that are unaware of me do NOT deserve and do not have my respect.

I watch the news daily and observe many people that are in positions of authority and they are NOT to be respected –  PERIOD!!!!

It would not take much to earn my respect, but, it seems, that is not going to happen with some of those in charge of the United States and are influential in the world.

Yes, respect IS earned and not a given in life. Denying any criticism, calling those that do criticize you, as being fake, makes you a phony or bogus leader, and makes those that you lead be ashamed of your actions and leadership. They can only B.S. their followers to a certain point, and they WILL be found out for what they are — pathetic.


Den Betts