The Art of the Lies 2018-61

The Art of the Lies 2018-61

The first thing to know is this: Lies made by someone are intentional. They are meant to deceive, distract, create discord and, in the process, they create disillusionment, divisiveness and are destructive in nature, in the whole. Falsehood statements are the state of being untrue and could be unintentional in nature, but still, they constitute a lie.

To lie, is to speak or write an untruth. This means you are communicating something that is wrong or incorrect; simple as that. There are many reasons that some people do this. It is done to sway the opinion of others, such as a base of followers.

There is nothing honorable about this action of wrong doing. Lies are easily found out in time and will show the truth as facts and not made up stories or statements. When someone is found to have committed a lie, NORMAL people will lessen their respect for the liar.

And, from that lying statement to any future pronouncements, the question will always be made, is that person lying again?  Can we trust anymore, what is said or written by that person?  It takes time to garner something else; RESPECT, which is earned and not a given in life. Once respect is lost it is so, so, so difficult to be attained again in life. 

I would imagine that to be caught in a lie would be embarrassing to that person. Unless, lying is a part of that person’s makeup and way of life itself. Then there are no such feelings of having remorse of being found out for what you are a liar in life.

It could be that the “Art of the Deal”, involves having “The Art of the Lies” as a norm in life and that person would think it is all right to do this, without any compunction.

Now the other side:

What does lying by a leader mean to the world, the U.S. and citizen today?

I would think that distrust would be a large factor. How can other world leaders believe what a leader states as policy and wonder if it is a true decision of policy? How can those in the U.S. decide on what to think about what they hear is actual which is based on a Fox News report that is based on lies? How can a common citizen make decisions themselves, that are predicated by lies by a leader who thinks lying is normal in everyday life?

If we are in denial, we would have no problem with going about life in a fog of deceit! We would accept the lies as truth and call factual news outlets as being “fake” news in their reports. We would become “lemmings” and follow others in a way of refuting facts and accepting unreality.  

We could look in a mirror and eventually curse ourselves for allowing lies to control our lives. The basis of accepting lies as lies is hard to do for some, but the truth is; it is needed. If this is hard or difficult to do or worse, impossible to do, that is sad.

The choice is ours!   So be it…


Den Betts

Respect 2017-50

                                                 Respect  2017-50


Respect is just a word!  BUT, if you are looking for it, the word is again, just a word. The cliché- “Respect is earned – not a given”, or something like that, means a lot to many people.

Respect does NOT respect power, income, stature, position or other self-important ideals. A CEO, a President, or leader of any sorts, still must prove that respect is deserved.

Demanding or expecting respect, or trying to get it, will NOT work, and never will do so. The actions we do, the feelings we have, the results of OUR endeavors, will dictate how much respect we will have by others.

I respect many people that I know and interact with on a regular basis. Some people I do NOT know, and those that are unaware of me do NOT deserve and do not have my respect.

I watch the news daily and observe many people that are in positions of authority and they are NOT to be respected –  PERIOD!!!!

It would not take much to earn my respect, but, it seems, that is not going to happen with some of those in charge of the United States and are influential in the world.

Yes, respect IS earned and not a given in life. Denying any criticism, calling those that do criticize you, as being fake, makes you a phony or bogus leader, and makes those that you lead be ashamed of your actions and leadership. They can only B.S. their followers to a certain point, and they WILL be found out for what they are — pathetic.


Den Betts

Respect 2015-34

Respect    2015-34

Respect goes along with and is part of the word Integrity, I think!!!!. I offer the two posts together, whereas I could have made them as one combined, in the first place. You could also include the word trust in the mix and that would be appropriate.  The first part of having respect for others is to first have respect for yourself and that is sometimes a hard thing to accomplish. (I learned that from reading Confucius).

                                      Respect    2015-34

Something that cannot be purchased or received for free — and involves effort

A commodity that is earned and once received – to be cherished

Respect can be given to others as well as received by those around you,

But in both cases, being worthy is always a thing to be considered

Showing respect for another can be as simple as a gesture or a spoken word,

Consider the person, the place and time for these are important

Can respect be a form of behavior that is learned from childhood?

Through life’s lessons we all learn and by learning we practice it as well,

It is to show honor or esteem for someone or something we see or know

Impossible to do if there is no uprightness, by any, through their actions

Worth more than wealth, more than possessions, more than almost anything,

With respect come value, honor, and integrity – things that cannot be bought

Respect is something that is perhaps sought after, but not gained – if not deserved

But once obtained,  to be prized as a richness unlike any other……..

Den Betts



Integrity 2015-33

Integrity   2015-33

I offer this as a companion post with the one on “Respect”. They go together in life’s pursuit of esteem, honor and acceptance by others.  I was told that I should respect someone (of a group) because “I should”. No, I do not do so, for just as in the word respect, I consider respecting others because of their integrity and that respect is based on earning it. So, Integrity is important for the process.

Integrity   2015-33

Taken for granted at times, when it should not be done so,

But common to occur, because it is sometimes – taken for granted

So very hard to be acknowledged by those that have it

When known to have it, some pride becomes evident

Characterized by doing the right thing when no one is looking

Shaped and molded by life lessons of doing

Not tolerating simple lies or half-truths in dealing with others

Realizing that having it is not the absence of failure

Willing to be held accountable and not give blame to others

Owning the situation and all the outcomes that occur

Again, doing the right thing, when the right thing, is the right thing to do

Being transparent in actions at all times, not some of the time

Understanding that having integrity is a full time way of doing

Knowing that a lapse can perhaps create a loss of confidence

Understanding that integrity is judged by behavior and actions

By setting the bar high, others can obtain it as a lesson to learn

Den Betts

Contrary Beliefs 2015-28

Contrary Beliefs   2015-28

I write this after reading about the atrocities in the middle east and the killing of a Joranian airman that was captured. He was killed by ISIS in a way that is unimaginable by being burned alive while in a cage. I do not and never understand how people can do the things they do.

Contrary Beliefs   2015-28

I list this under “current events” because it relates to almost everyday news items that are shown on TV or in published products like the newspaper. I have detailed writings about what I have shown below, and may include them in a separate category in the future.

I believe that the radical Islamists can believe in their Islam religion as much as they desire, but to feel that I must also adhere to their beliefs is wrong and will always think this way. I do NOT believe in what they believe and can say now that I NEVER will do so.  Notice, I did NOT say ALL Muslims; I again say, RADICAL Islamists, which is different. It is too easy to bunch groups together when it is not right to do so.

If radical Muslims want to believe in what was written in their holy book as pertaining to today, so be it; I do not care. But, if ANY Muslim states I must convert to Islam, I have a GREAT problem with that request. I respect the everyday Muslim people that live their lives in peace.  I am tolerant towards those of the Islam faith and many other people that believe in their religious beliefs. I have nothing but loathing towards the radicals that kill, rape, torture, behead, sell for slaves, force their religion on others, and other things that make them animals, not worthy of respect.  They do so for other reasons; unknown to me and this is not understandable. I would like to think that modern day thinking Muslims believe this also and abhor the radical Muslims that pervert their religion.

I was criticized once for saying I tolerate those of other religions.  I was told that I should also respect those of other religions. Well, actually I do, but not the ones that do things in the name of their religion that goes against common sense and decency.  That includes people of any religion, including mine. It is impossible to give respect when none is due.

Maybe I am not thinking correctly in the minds of many that know me or what I say. Guess what!? I just do not care. I care about many things, but my thoughts are what they are, and it is difficult to retract what I write, if I meant what I wrote at the time.  We CAN change our beliefs over time and I have done so in some cases.

I maintain that I am a practicing Christian, and will remain one, forever. Nobody can change my thought patterns regarding this belief.  I have stated before, “I do not just believe there is a God; I know there is a God.” Some people, not many actually, know where I come from in saying this and it will be awhile until I expound on this further and publish it. I am not ready to do so.

There are loads of theologians that believe they have knowledge of religious things and some make good money writing books about what they think.  I am not one of them; not even close. I do believe in what I write, but these are opinions, and they sometimes can or cannot be proven. Opinions are just that— a belief or judgment that falls short of absolute conviction, certainty, or certain knowledge.

I got off track so will continue a bit more.  Those of any religion, including Christianity and Islam, can believe in what they want to, but the deciding factor will be when the end time has arrived end and we all will find out just what is the truth. I truly hope that we, as a group of the world, find out what we want to find out. In the meantime, the atrocities done by those that the media calls terrorists will be responsible for those acts that are done against humanity and will be judged by the very God they say they represent.

The Christian and Islam religions had human people that in their time created or were instrumental in the creation of the religion that we follow; with even the Hebrew religion having Abraham as the human that God touched as part of the history of their existence. When will those that think they have a claim on God as being part of THEIR religion only, (if they do so) which excludes those of other religions?  How conceited they are and how primitively minded they may appear. Ten thousand years ago (for instance), there was, as is now, only one God and it continues the same way now; one God of the Universe; Period!!!! It is possible that there are some that could argue this point also.

Peace to all,

Den Betts