Ethics, Character, Integrity 2019-009

Ethics, Character, Integrity       2019-009

This title is NOT about the political arena that was foremost in people’s minds in November of 2016? It  could be about something or someone currently in the spotlight or not…. Or is it?

No, I refer to the overall lack of the 3 words in the subject title, by some people, that ignore them and instead have other agenda’s they desire and want and live by today.

When did we start to ignore or discount things or feelings of belief, faith, and that hard word, righteousness, which counteracts the title 3 words?  I ask, have we relegated our beliefs of decency and redrawn our standards of living to appease our desires to fit our lifestyles today?  I hope not!

Is it time to restructure our thinking to where we change ourselves to return to a life of where we can live with ourselves in a better way internally, involving ethics, character and having integrity?

Today, a law should not be made to fit the moment, but to last a goodly period of time, and to address the subject at hand.   We could, instead of rushing to appease, make them to be fair and decent, after discussion by all parties.  Bi-partisan agreements are good generally, but unfair dictates are not good for anyone.

The masses are sometimes led by the minority, which is fine, but the overall “good for all” is still a factor to be considered.  The minority are sometimes forgotten about in the scope of things but have to be included in the final outcome in some cases. A complex quandary at times, but one that needs to be addressed.

The character of people is challenged by events and situations at times, but those moral or mental qualities are most distinctive to the individual in almost ALL cases. It is what becomes our nature, our temperament, our distinctive makeup of who we are in life. Our essence of who we are comprises our character and it is usually for all to see and hard to hide from in life. We will be found out eventually, where our identity will be seen by all. The truth will prevail, always……

Therefore, our integrity is or could be at question.  The old saying of integrity has to be earned not given to one is still a factor today. If we are a continual liar in life, doing things that are not good, and our character becomes questionable, our integrity will suffer.

Being good at something, or at least getting credit for it, does NOT mean you would be a person involving the subjects three attributes.  Perhaps these words could be the judging words of those we have as leaders in this great country of the United States of America!!!!!!!!!!!



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Metamorphosis 2015-49

This is just me, being me, with thoughts of mis-trust, with no compromise in life and the way things are in our country.  We can do nothing or something, but letting those that make decisions what we think is important. I believe that, the only thing is HOW we do that is also important and many have just un-kind words or actions that hinder the process. A change from a caterpillar to a butterfly is an example, and to change from a do nothing to a changer of some sorts is a metamorphosis in life for any……….

                   Metamorphosis   2015-49

To say that all the things are wrong

around us and need replaced – is wrong.

and that is what I say now.


To state our country is going to Hell

with no hope of recovery – I disagree

or want to and need to.


To believe our leaders are all not good

can’t be true, and is not, and that is

what I feel or know, or again need to.


To agree with those that have no kind

words about anything, is not what I want

or will do, if I can.


To be a cynic and not know it – a horrible

thought, – one I pray is not

correct or hope so.


To change, and become a changer in life,

a positive influence of making things

right or better,  I must.

Den Betts