Begin the Ending 2015-154

Confusion reigns in the minds of people that are not capable of comprehending their existence. Where to start the understanding process and when to stop, creates a confusion of existence to some. What is written may not be rational to those that have never experienced the complexities of life in a convoluted way of being.


Begin the Ending     2015-154


When is the beginning or the end?

How does the mind comprehend

what is right and what is wrong or incorrect

The ending does not justify the whole

or the beginning.


The continuation does not seem important

when the ending is known beforehand

The absence of valor is not cowardice

in the mind of the one afraid.


Infinity is never ending, no beginning

and no stopping

The absence of living is forevermore,

ever ongoing without ending.


Pain is an expression of living,

knowing of one’s existence.

A lack of feeling is non-living

and a total void of existence


I hear the voice of reason, but

the words are meaningless.

The sound of my internal thoughts

cry out for recognition, but are garbled

in the process of understanding.


What was once known is now confusion,

my mind is capable, but cannot comprehend

what is and what should be

I think, but do not care or

feel confident of rationality.


Den Betts