President’s Message 2015-153

I decided to post something that I wrote this week for the Church Council of the church where I belong, and where I am the presiding President. I did so, because it is about a time whereas many celebrate this time of year in their own way. I cannot deny that I am religious, but I look at myself in a more spiritual way. Regardless of your beliefs or nature, you hopefully will get something out of this post in my perspective.

President’s Message 2015-153

It is THAT time of year again!  What time!???  The time that we all celebrate the birth of our Lord, Jesus Christ if we belong to a Christian faith.  How wonderful and the word wonderful is just not enough.

Yes; we are involved in the merriment of the moment and yes we are doing the things we do now.   And yes, things are different now than when they were in the past, or at least I think so….

But, it would be easy to forget just why we look at this time of year the way we do. The things that have happened in the world and in the U.S. can be unnerving, but we must NOT let those things control our emotions or control us.

The Father, the son, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit are STILL with us. Their Presence is always with us; always.

I went to the bank to make a deposit to next year’s Christmas club and on the way out toward the door, I looked back at the two tellers and said, “Oh, by the way, Happy Holidays!” Then I stopped and restated, “NO, Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.!” They both looked surprised, smiled and said, “You too, Mr. Betts.”  (It was a slow day and we were the only ones in this small bank in Newbury)

The only thing I have against the Christmas time period occurs on Dec 26. It is like a veil is dropped and we are back to the grind of daily living, looking forward to the New Year and what it brings.  I do not celebrate the 12 days of Christmas, and on the 26th things change. All the Christmas music is off the air it seems; all the advertisements and deals are over, and we have plenty of time to play with our toys and look at what we got the day before, or consider returning or exchanging the gifts we received. But, Christmas has come and gone and that is sort of sad in a way.

I had a mirror (probably still do somewhere) showing Scrooge and written on it is “Bah Humbug” It was put out by my children years ago because I had, more than likely, an attitude that was not the best. We have not displayed this for quite a while now and I am happy about that fact. I look at my blessings of life and my feelings are now different. I get, I receive, I am blessed with a gift from God each and every day.

These gifts are reinforced each Sunday I go to church. Each sunrise allows me to sense the gifts from God that He presents to me. Every day, I am reminded that Jesus Christ’s time on the cross, allows me the chance to have eternal life with Him and my departed loved ones. Wow, what a gift Jesus gave us, that started on the day He was born and continues each and every day for us.

I do not have to return it or exchange it but I do cherish it and it is not just mine, but ours to know and enjoy. What a time of year it is; one to remember and continue with, always….. It is wonderful!!!!!!!


Den Betts

5 thoughts on “President’s Message 2015-153

  1. what you have written is so very true—–big rush to buy presents, clean and decorate house, bake, cook—-and Christmas comes and goes in a blur—-to be followed by it’s own Black Friday, when everyone shops their gift cards or returns to get what they really wanted. That time of peace on earth is gone! don’t know how to change it, or if it could be changed, except to change how we celebrate.


  2. …”thank you Dennis for your recent post, it is “VERY STRONG” in our “SPIRITUAL RENEWAL”, wich we discussed this eve, in bible study.  We, begin something, then give up on it, then me have that ability to get in sync with GOD, his son,Jesus and the Holy Spirit, shines through, through continued Prayer, believing in each other, no matter what has happened, for TODAY.   A SPIRITUAL  Blessing, when we continue to pray, not only for our day, yet for others, each day, to come through 24 hours of “what will be will be.  Like a redemption to “celebrate each day”, with nourishment and be “merry”, that we have at the end of the day, taking some inner peace to a confirmation of making amends, “WE ARE LOVED, WE ARE SUPPORTED and WE ASK for FORGIVENESS, when we know, being human, everyday shall and will not be, like the day before……LIVING FOR TODAY… and be “grateful for the Messiah, who taught us all along to “pray”.   My Love to you and Joann for being a part of my “life”!!!!!!!!!!!!  Linda Sutton xxxxoooo ❤ to ❤


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