Convoluted Thoughts 2016-19

Convoluted Thoughts 2016-19

The truth distorts a telling of a lie

And a lie twists the truth in the telling

Plus, a falsehood deceives the reader from the truth

Leaving all to decide on what to believe or not.


I came up with this thought the other day after reading a statement someone made about my favorite politician Donny. The facts were not included in the story about him and I did research what was said.  It, the declaration, made Donny something he was not, which is not unusual.

Anyhow, what is said in the news, other media, or on Facebook which goes against Donny or is for Donny makes all of us confused at times. This also goes for discussing each political party whereas one side is, of course, one sided and makes a plus or negative into whatever their aim is in the story. This is not fair to anyone and just perpetuates a false feeling, plus or minus, depending on who or what is the subject.

I guess I should not be surprised. I remember a few years ago where someone state, “I don’t check my postings for fact, I just post them.” In other words, that person did not care if it was true or not, an untrue point was being made. All other statements were then questioned as being factual or not, which made any or all suspect. Sad!!!!

I see this so much now, I doubt the authenticity of much that is put out in favor or disfavor of a politician.



Den Betts


Mirror, Mirror On the Wall 2015-156

Mirror, Mirror On the Wall 2015-156

Look into a mirror at yourself and what do you see? Touch your right ear!!! In the mirror it appears as if touching your left ear, whereas, it is actually your right ear, of course….

That is what a mirror does, is it not? It makes things appear different. It does not tell us the truth of what it shows; it lies, or does it ????!!!!!

We sometimes do that to ourselves or about ourselves at times. We become like the mirror— lying to ourselves. It is human nature to a degree. We want our best side, our good thoughts, and the personification of ourselves to others the way we want it to be.

How much we want the mirror like shown in the Disney movie “Snow White” and ask, “Mirror, Mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all.” Or something like that was said. It is very much too easy to allow the mirror to lie to us also.  The mirror does not really care and only tells or shows us reality. It is not being judgmental –  only factual. It is up to us to throw the spin of what the mirror is plainly showing.

The same goes for the perception we have of ourselves and how others see or perceive us. We think of ourselves as being one way and at times, others think the opposite. We want others to see us as we do and when we find that is not the case, we might be dejected or worse.

Don’t blame the mirror (messenger) for telling us why it or they say, or perceive for they are only being what they are, when doing so.

It is also our fault for allowing others to plainly lie to us when they state something or look us in the eye and want us to believe in what they did or are doing. Again, let the mirror of life decree what is really there or is happening.

I had a Facebook friend post pictures, statements and articles on FB that were debunked years ago and proven to be wrong/incorrect. The statement this person made was, “I just post them, I don’t check them”. I told this person that many of the posts they made were incorrect and untrue. They were originally made to incite, distort and deceive whoever got them. They continued on and on, and I decided to unfriend this person only because of what they were doing, which I differed with as an untruth happening. I still like this friend, just not what is posted by this person.

The mirror DOES lie at times, but many other times just distorts for many reasons. If the mirror lies enough, it can become, to be thought of, as a truth and maybe that is why we have to be careful, with what we hear or see……

I watched the TV in December of 2015 and a politician stated that he saw people dancing in the street in New York right after 911 occurred. He claimed he was in New Jersey at the time, I think. Either he had wonderful 20/20 vision and a telescopic one at that, or perhaps he was referring to a TV he was watching. The mirror of his mind was making this up or he was the only one watching TV at that moment.   I can state that I DID see some people elsewhere doing so, but that was not in America, but instead overseas in a Middle East country.

The mind benders of life change things for many reasons. We, as society as a whole, have to be extra vigilant not to be caught up in their passion of control over us. Sometimes it only takes a little change of the truth to make us (in the mirror), believe in what they want us to believe.

The year 2016 will soon be here and with its coming; more claims on TV about this and that will be thrown at us. I say, “Be aware, be on guard, and consider what you hear and who is saying it and what they are saying for what reason.” This goes for people and the media in general. Do NOT be comforted by the mirror of life, but instead be thoughtful and let your good judgement be the mainstay of life………


Den Betts