Car Ride 2015-152

To daydream and wonder what others are doing and thinking is a rare luxury of doing nothing except thinking.  I can remember my wife’s driving the car at the time and I was in the passenger seat looking out – thinking.

I was not in control of the driving as she was at the time, and I had to relinquish the driving to her, due to an automobile accident.  I hated not being able to drive and being dependent on others. This poem came to mind as I sat there, helping her put on the brake, accelerate and make the turns—–without effect.

Car Ride 2015-152

Staring out the car window,

I day dream as the world goes by.

Looking at the trees, the people,

And many other things.

Everyone doing their own thing,

In their own way.

Thinking private thoughts,

In their minds, just as I.

High-tension wire towers,

And sentinels of light poles,

Watching over as testimony to our

Style of high-speed life.

The wispy clouds in the misty sky

Between the stands of pine,

All there, all watching,

Staring at me as I go by.

The luxury of just thinking and no

Actions required, just thoughts

A peaceful refrain of life

Without consequences or worry

Den Betts