Beyond the Meaning 2015-130

I tell my wife I love her all the time. You would think she would be tired of my doing so. Ha…. Not a chance. Anyhow, saying something and meaning it are two different things. My feelings of love towards her are more than words, more than just a saying. Beyond the meaning of love, means so very much, so very more than just the words “I love you”.

Beyond the Meaning 2015-130

To love a person beyond

The meaning of the word love

Past the words that normal

People say in an intimate way

Stating a depth of feeling

That struggles for infinity

For a closeness so near

That it melds into one

A love not experienced

My many mortal men

Directed toward a woman

At the essence of her aura

To say, “I love You Darling”

In a way not expressed

With a word of this world,

But beyond the meaning of love…

Den Betts

4 thoughts on “Beyond the Meaning 2015-130

  1. ….Thank you Dear FRIEND…, yes it does go along way above and beyond, Just Saying the words, you are so correct….  It is the moments of ‘life”, and  all the trials or deep waters you have come through.  The essence of “GIVING” and not expecting in return—I call unconditional love, we forgive and we move on to a new chapter in our marriage or relationships with others, that “wonderful old  saying: “AS TIME GOES BY”,  I believe it was a song, too!  When my Mom and Dad married, the theme song for their wedding was as Mom told me, I LOVE YOU  TRULY,yes I Do.”    It is a gift from God and the LORD, who gives us the HOLY SPIRIT, to MAKE ALL  of it worth while, time is not counted by milestones in our Lives, but “MOMENTS, Reflections,and as the years go by, we “look back and hold each others hand, and “THANK GOD for the time we have had, still do, and my wish for it to be “forever”… Linda Sutton  xoxoxo  (this adds to the RAINBOW IN MY HEART to have YOU and JOANN,and many other loved ones on my “journey”


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