Beyond the Meaning 2015-130

I tell my wife I love her all the time. You would think she would be tired of my doing so. Ha…. Not a chance. Anyhow, saying something and meaning it are two different things. My feelings of love towards her are more than words, more than just a saying. Beyond the meaning of love, means so very much, so very more than just the words “I love you”.

Beyond the Meaning 2015-130

To love a person beyond

The meaning of the word love

Past the words that normal

People say in an intimate way

Stating a depth of feeling

That struggles for infinity

For a closeness so near

That it melds into one

A love not experienced

My many mortal men

Directed toward a woman

At the essence of her aura

To say, “I love You Darling”

In a way not expressed

With a word of this world,

But beyond the meaning of love…

Den Betts

Mystery Unknown and Known 2015-97

This is somewhat of a challenge for you, the reader! It made sense to me when I wrote it and somewhat does today. I will NOT try to explain it, but let you, the reader contemplate just what it means. 

Mystery Unknown and Known     2015-97

The challenge is not in knowing the common element of being

Whereas, the understanding of the mysteries of life is a greater quest to know

To delve into the unknown questions, given to us, and realize the answers is an ultimate trip of life

Not being afraid to question those unanswered thoughts and subjecting them to a detailed thinking process is a goal worth obtaining.


Not being afraid of the ultimate and final solution is an undertaking of complete confidence

By touching on the unknown abyss of thinking, and arriving at the final solution.

This gives the seeker an untold advantage in life’s guidance of living the whole as one, when the

Complete satisfaction is arrived at with a complete filling of accomplishment.


The melodic sounds resonate, filling the open void with exquisite timbre. A safe feeling acquired from the sound, pulsates with a living and quivering throb of being.

Looking down, the uniqueness observed what was, is and will be.

Seeking action, it morphed into a substance enveloping all.


Those below, tingled with the essence of creation and

Acknowledged understanding because of a single thought of knowing

The mystery was no longer unknown.

BUT, instead, a shared and loved emotion resounds and

Finalization is apparent and welcome

As the true being became as one, with all.

Den Betts