Unsafe 2015-128

This is in reality, a depressing poem that I wrote after seeing a stupid criminal incident on TV one night. Living in the country, I do NOT have a feeling of being unsafe, but then again, I am always aware, so in that respect, I am guarded in my environment of life. I feel sad for those that live in areas that are prone to people that do not care, or have learned not to care about others, but that is life itself……….

Unsafe            2015-128

A ride downtown, a trip to see a circus clown

Or overnight to hear a singer of renown

All at jeopardy in this current way of life.

No one really safe in or out of house


No true haven amid the turmoil and strife

Aware, aware is the key of survival today

To know where, and what you

Are with living more than just a play.


At risk to those that want and have not

Who look at life as nothing they got

Be safe, be sure of who and when

And where you ramble,


As life is short and not secure;

So take care it does not unravel

As you travel in the road of life.

Easy to say perhaps, but not to do…..


Den Betts