Question of Self 2015-126

A beginning with “I” and an end with “I” with words in between. Written at a time where I was questioning my existence when comparing my life with what I wanted, but did not realize just what I had at the time. I wonder if we are truthful to ourselves or in reality are not just untruthful, but mislead ourselves from finding out who we are and exactly what our true selves are to others………..

Question of Self 2015-126



Look for Direction

Explore the Full Meaning of Living

What Does Existence Truly Mean

Find Some Scattered Segments Now Extant

Deny the Reality Thereof




Den Betts

2 thoughts on “Question of Self 2015-126

  1. ..The subject “I”, can be taken in many forms as you say, totally agree, and you do know me, and i love you and JOANN with my Heart and SOUL,  Do you remember the POEM “if” by RUDYARD KIPLING, feeling those last sentences have  the self-doubt in them,   I— could not do with my FAITH and my Courage to keep believing and  strength, if I did not have Christians in my “LIFE” xoxo


    • I remember the poem “If” by Kipling that was spoken at a graduation and I think it inspired me to write a poem entitled “To Try”. It gave me hope to carry on when others might have been saying negative thoughts about my actions at the time. Thanks for reminding me about “If”.


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