Walk in the Fall 2015-125

It is almost fall and I am ready to take a walk in the fall, since I do remember how wonderful it can be. I miss that, but do not miss the precursor to winter that fall brings; SNOW. I can remember one more thing; the smell of coalsmoke in the air from burning coal in furnaces, to heat the homes so long ago…


Walk in the Fall   2015-125


I walked through the blanket of fall flowers

The smell of wood smoke in the air.


The pumpkins were being carved by the little ones

And cider was being sold by the road


Leaves were falling, turned brown from green,

The trees becoming stark and black


The squirrels were storing their acorn nuts,

Preparing for the long winter nights


A football game to be looked at later

With popcorn or pretzels and beer

Maybe a telephone call to a son far away                                                                                       To say hello, on a fall splendid day

Meanwhile, high above, geese flew south, in formation

They’re honking a rebounding sound of excitement


Far off, cornstalks stood as pillars in the field

Below the ominous grey and rolling clouds


Another change of another year, before winter

As I walked through the field of wild flowers.


Den Betts

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