Three Souls Saved 2015-127


Three Souls Saved   2015-127


The storm created waves like mountains rolling across the sea. It was eerie and scary at the same time. A deep throated horn shrieked its sound letting other possible seafarers know they were not alone and to be aware.

Inside the rusty overworked ship were some passengers that booked their passage on the tramp steamer in Australia bound for a faraway port that seemed too far away now. Three of them sat in their bolted down chairs wondering if they were to see the light of day. Earlier, the Captain came by and told them the seas were getting worse and perhaps they should return to their quarters.

They looked at each other and without words remained seated in what was called the dining area. To get up and venture about while the turbulent waves and crashing bellows of noise from the sky, was not to their liking.

A giant wave enveloped the ship and in an instant, created havoc and turmoil for those inside. For some reason the three men were flung about together and one wished he was tied to the chair instead. Not so, and for that reason he and the others found themselves at an alcove together, by the hatch going outside.

The wave was a freak one and soon the other waves were like they were before, high and dangerous. All three looked at each other and as one, they made a decision. One opened the hatch door and the others followed outside where a life boat station beckoned.

As instructed earlier in the week the boat was soon, unfastened and away. The journey began with the lowering of the boat into the maelstrom. Not long afterwards, the steamer went to the bottom and the three looked at the upraised stern saying goodbye to them.

Like a miracle, the next day found them in the boat with calm and placid seas around them. They looked at each other and assessed their predicament. There was food and water in a storage locker, so the immediate needs were met.

They did not mingle before the storm, and remained strangers while on the steamer, so it was an introductory period where they introduced themselves to each other, on the life boat.

They found that they were from different areas of the world and of different faiths. One was Jewish from Israel, the other a Christian from America and the last a Muslim from Pakistan. All three were visiting or doing business in Australia where the steamer embarked from its journey.

The three somewhat kept to themselves on the lifeboat, sitting alone, but still together. When it was time to eat, the American took it upon himself to distribute the food and water. The other two watched him carefully to make sure the parcels were even. All three did not trust each other.

The Muslim would pray to his god trying to bend toward what he thought was close to the direction of Mecca, his tradition. The Jewish man sat and quietly mumbled words now and then. The American just sat and watched the other two as they observed the religious piety being presented to him. He was a believer, but not, as he said, a fanatic about it. He struggled to say the Lord’s Prayer as he learned it long ago.

After many days, they started to pray at the same time during the course of the day. A ritual began that became a tradition each day. No smokestacks or evidence of another ship was seen and hope was startling to fade for their survival.

The old expression “Time Passed” was true with these three souls trying to survive on a lifeboat in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Days and days went by with no sighting of a ship in their vicinity. They grew beards and were becoming quite ragged looking. All three tried to keep under a tarp, hiding them from the relentless sun.

They soon found that their provisions were slowly disappearing from use. The water was most critical and they started to be concerned about surviving. Finally, first the food then the water was gone. All three were hungry and parched. First the Jewish man started to scream and got up and tried to jump overboard. The other two grabbed him and tied him up, and he struggled and swore at them. The Muslim man continued to pray, but his words were garbled and his eyes looked vacant. The American Christian just sat and looked into the distance, unseeing. All were getting close to the end of their lives.

The Jew looked around and seeing the other two he said, “Who is that”, looking over their shoulder. Both of the other men ignored him. “WHO IS THAT?” he repeated. The Muslim said, “Abe, it is ok, there is nothing or nobody.” Abe looked at Habib, the Muslim, and yelled, “What the hell do you know, why don’t you look?” as he struggled against the ropes holding him. The American, named Richard, slowly turned his body and head to look behind him. Richard said, “Oh crap”, and turned completely around. “Habib, you might want to look”, he said.

Behind them was a figure, seated by the bow of the lifeboat. An unnatural glow emendated from Him, casting shadows behind the tree men. The three sat or lay there, watching in awe. They were scared, quizzical, but they just looked and waited. The figure stood up and approached all three. He stopped and looked at the three and spoke. “Your prayers have been heard, asking to be saved! The Father of the Universe has heard. Hear this; you are, all three saved! Know this; what you know is not all that was known and said long ago. You have prayed to the one God of the Universe and He has heard you.”

The three looked at each other and then around them in the distance. Nothing had changed in their distant view, so they became more scared.

“You are saved and in the saving you will be whole and be with me in Paradise. Let not your cares and worries bother you anymore.” At that moment all three looked again at each other and their vision saw completely through each other and then they knew. They were saved, but in a different way…………….

Den Betts

2 thoughts on “Three Souls Saved 2015-127

  1. …Thank you Dennis, I “LOVED this topic, you spoke about on this day!  How afraid and Lonely one may become you m-u-s-t  keep the “HOPE” ; and your FAITH in the LORD, thinking of the times you were always saved by fumbling your life!  HIS M-E-R-C-Y is GREAT…..


    • Sometimes things happen that are not what we expect. We as humans on this earth exist, and with the existance we are what we are and how we are. God knows how we are all the time……………….


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