Trip of Life 2015-89

Does anyone know of the somewhat hidden meaning of this poem?  It does have a theme of “life”, but in a disjointed way has an overall statement of “being”. Well, if not, no big deal, since I remember why and when I wrote it at the time. We all make this journey, but some do not realize just what and how it transpires. How we end up is unknown to many, but known by some. What an adventure!!!!!!!!!!   2015

Trip of Life   2015-89

To walk a tightrope of being,

Soul, body and mind intermingled

Joined as one, Earthly union

Shell then behind, duty done by


Control involving internal mass

Coldness, blankness

Final journey with continued existence

Eternal light shining – welcoming


Essence now of “being”

Progression, a normal pattern of life

Den Betts

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