Past and Now 2015-90

From”       Too many people, including myself, dwell on the past and don’t realize that the present is the forerunner to tomorrow. This is a new chance, an awakening, a vibrant opportunity to make a change in one’s self. I leave you with this poem to give you the time to outline what you may do, to create a new you——–

Past and Now 2015-90

The past is over; done and gone

Not forgotten, but instead a memory

of action, events and thoughts of

history that once lived in the present


Fond times of the past are like

spring flowers blooming in colors

and smells that delight in

so many ways


The bad and ugly moments of the past

are albatrosses around the neck of reason

holding down, keeping back and

retarding growth of the mind.


The past is made up of both good and

bad experiences, but the present

is what should matter now for it affects

not only today but also tomorrow at times


What you want out of life should be decided

on actions of the moment and not

be determined by what

occurred yesterday.

Bury the past

Cultivate the now

Enjoy the future.

Den Betts

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