Search of Self 2015-92

Wait a moment, and read, then think about what is written. Does this make sense to you? Can you relate to these words being written? When I wrote this, it was a period of time where I was reflecting on my life in many ways. And now, I can see myself contemplating my existence in a different way, based on knowledge today.

It IS really OK, if you do not understand these words of mine, for at the time, they were written about the self of then, and not of now. The neat thing is that I know what they mean and how the words relate to my existence.

Search of Self  2015-92

A quest; a way of identifying the

whole of man in an individual way.

The time when one reaches into the

mind, to the very essence of soul

to arrive at the meaning of life’s

past accomplishments and future



A time of joy, or perhaps of sorrow,

in reflections of history and

the realization of goals made

and also of unfulfilled dreams.


A period of contemplation of an

adjustment to the future, of a

redirection of pathways to be

traveled – based on knowledge today.

Den Betts