Realization 2015-88

Reading over this poem, I can see that I started each first line with a word that I continued on with the thought of the word.  I want to say that I was in a state of flux such as, when we all sometimes live in a state of instability as in the presence of a force field in a specified physical medium- Hey, sounds neat to me!!!!

Realization  2015-88

Realization – that things are the way they are

because they are, and are to be

Comprehending – that some problems will always

remain –never changing, forever being

Finding things that were, may never be the same again

ways that are, may also stay forever more

Wishing – won’t make a dream happen or bring

one back that once was and isn’t now

Trying – doesn’t’ help sometimes, even with

desire and wants so badly, so wanting…

Accepting –  the trials of life the best way that can

using each day as a new learning experience

Knowing –  the limits and capabilities and living

with them, based on Realization

Den Betts

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