Communication of Thoughts 2015-66

Without talking to one another we are, of course, separated in mind beliefs. We are individuals without a sharing of ideas, joys, sorrows and overall feelings. To keep silent is to keep ones thoughts locked up, with no release to others. You CAN exist, but without a common way of joining, with your ideas of expression, to the world.

Communication of Thoughts      2015-66

The communication of

thoughts is not a

one way street.

Instead it is a parallel

expressway of interactive



It is a means of expressing ideas,

goals, multitudes of messages

via sound, pictures and writings of man.

A sharing of ideals, letting others

know of intimate secrets

of the mind.


A transmitting of convictions, of joys

and sorrows to be jointly compared or

acknowledged in kind for one another.

It is a skill to be learned,

nourished, adapted,

and honed to exact perfection.


A treasure to be treated as a jewel

of priceless wealth,

and one to be used.

Without it we are blind, alone in the world,

separated in contact from each other

and in conflict with only ourselves.


With it, we have a means of joining

together as one, for a common goal of

knowledge and the advancement of life.



Den Betts

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