Destiny 2015-65

I thought about this subject and came to the thought that we are somewhat determined by destiny, but I do NOT believe that what is to be, will be, based on predestination. We have choices in life, which we make and in the making, our destiny is determined. I do not blame others for my bad choices in life, but only myself. I like to think that my good choices are because of something I did, but MAYBE, there was help, not by man/woman, but by an essence that is with me always with His presence. Hey, believe what you want to believe, I have my beliefs, so you can have yours!!!!

Destiny          2015-65

What  Destiny of man is realized,

When thinking of the future

At any particular time in life.


Are events so pre-ordained in nature,

That outcomes are meant to be

As only a foregone conclusion can itself be?


Do we have indeed choices –

Like a  “Y” in the road ,

Or  are we on a straight line path of travel.


Meant to arrive as decreed

At the beginning of our journey?

Does our life have a purpose,

as long ago manifested,


Or will we continue without really knowing.

Questions raised, answers not given,

But, asked as is, ones Destiny………

Den Betts

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