Wind Chime 2015-03

Too many words, at times, does NOT make for a good poem, whereas, simplicity is sometimes the key to a better one. I wrote this poem after sitting outside at the farm where we lived at the time, listening to the wind chimes and hearing the “ting, ting, ting” that they made. When the wind blew the sound carried across from the pine trees, where they were hung, further across the meadow, then the pasture, and finally up to our bedroom window at night.

Wind Chime  2015-03

The wind chime sings its music,

Sending its notes in a circle of sound.

Soft whispers of tingling cascades,

With echoes like falling glass.

Den Betts

Recycled Life Blood 2015-02

It was relaxing, sitting on the porch, at the farm house, watching nature happen in the form of a soft summer rain. How enjoyable it was to see the clouds wander by, going someplace and knowing that the rain was nourishing the ground below.

Recycled Life Blood   2015-02

The sun burns off the fog

as the Earth bakes dry

in the morning

Lakes rise into the sky

becoming an entity with

a silver lining

Heaven weeps to those below

as the recycling of life’s

blood continues and goes

Den Betts