Always-Never 2015-21

                                              Always-Never   2015-21

“When faced with a dilemma of stating something and meaning it and using the words Always or Never it is somewhat dangerous at times.  We tend to say things with emphasis and those two words can get us in trouble.  Someone will remember when I did something that I said “I never did that” and just the opposite with always.   I now try to keep my declarations neutral and never say those words and always do so. Yeh right!”

Two words said sometimes that are not so true,

When you use “always or never” as an absolute.

Always is “all the time” without a perchance,

It is used when you want to convey a stance.

Never use never when you mean once in awhile,

Cause never means never and is hard to reconcile.

We tend to exaggerate and not really mean,

Those things we say when we are full of steam.

It is meant to hurt ands hurt it does, friend,

To those we say it, in ways that offend.

So never say always, unless you mean it,

And always say never if to your benefit.

Den Betts