Introduction Blog 2014-1

First Blog Post        2014-1

Hello, welcome to the blog of Den Betts! I hope you enjoy this blog, and come back. It is somewhat new so don’t judge a blog by its cover sheet and get to know it better as time rolls along.

I am not going to make this blog a specialized one, where I am always on the same subject. I intend to vary it and have different categories that will interest you.

Blog Title!!!

This blog, called TheBettsDen  is ambiguous and doesn’t give any indication of what it means and that is done on purpose. They are thoughts coming from me while sitting in my den at home, which could be called my “man cave”. It sort of looks like an unruly,  junky, cave of a man whose wife allows him to live like he does, just so she doesn’t have  to clean it up. She also likes the door to remain closed so that others do not know just how he habitats in there. Love her for that!!!!

What to Blog?

Well, I have to admit there will be a trend of Religious thoughts for you to think about. I intend to write most of the blog myself, but may include articles from sources that will be enjoyable and of interest; perhaps.

I am also a poet, so will have a category of various poems that I have written in the past.  I have a bunch of them that vary in type, so will try to mix and match them. Some will be funny, some sad (?), and some dark (sort of) and maybe a little that are just plain weird.

There may be a category on what I will call, “Messages”. This is where I have written “Messages” or monthly writings to a group I belong to and am in charge of, somewhat, on subjects that I arrived at the day I wrote them. Well, maybe not, it depends on how I can redact them to make sense. I will see on how that fleshes out.

I like to comment on Current Events, so will include that type of blog. I will TRY to be objective, but relish the chance of being completely honest and upfront in my thinking. I will not promise to be “politically correct” but will be truthful in my thoughts on the blog.

Ok, Religion, Poems, Messages, and Current Events.  That is a start, and I will go from there. One thing though, I am not looking for others to agree with me.  You have a mind, so I welcome you to comment and tell me what you think about what I write. Hey, if you like a certain blog let me know that also.


I look forward to blogging and hope you like what you read or you might have input about the words I write down. If you like this blog, tell others, and if not, try to tell me, OK!  I may or may not comment on your comment, but I will have at least read them and look forward to any you write.

Welcome again, and let us begin.  Den  Betts

Comments gladly accepted here

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