The Unknowns in Life 2015-101

How many times have I cursed having to do something for the first time and suffered the effects of fright about doing it. I remember public speaking in high school and having diarrhea, the night before, almost throwing up, and other physical effects of having to stand up and speak in English class. I found out in the Marines that, if you know your subject matter, it is not so hard. I had to give lectures to over 200 men and only had one problem, I gave a joke at the beginning once, and had to tell them, after having told the punch line, that it was over. Never did tell jokes again. Learn from doing!!!!!

The Unknowns in Life   2015-101

How scary, and frightening it can be

This feeling of terror for the unknown.

We feel so brave when we do things twice

But, turn to jelly, when the first is to occur.


Our minds create untold disasters, when we are to begin

The lurking shadows magnify as we continue forth.

What is it with the way we think and act and do,

That makes the unknown so terrible to a few?


The irony is, that it’s all in our mind,

Which can create the most bizarre scenes.

Never, usually, does reality unfold as thought,

But, try to tell that to the person thinking.


How does the mind, do what it does to us,

Constructing the images, and thoughts that it does

What does it take to break the thought strings

That form cobwebs of unexplained origins


Is the unknown just a mysterious part of thinking,

Or something else, that defies description



Den Betts

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