Integrity 2015-33

Integrity   2015-33

I offer this as a companion post with the one on “Respect”. They go together in life’s pursuit of esteem, honor and acceptance by others.  I was told that I should respect someone (of a group) because “I should”. No, I do not do so, for just as in the word respect, I consider respecting others because of their integrity and that respect is based on earning it. So, Integrity is important for the process.

Integrity   2015-33

Taken for granted at times, when it should not be done so,

But common to occur, because it is sometimes – taken for granted

So very hard to be acknowledged by those that have it

When known to have it, some pride becomes evident

Characterized by doing the right thing when no one is looking

Shaped and molded by life lessons of doing

Not tolerating simple lies or half-truths in dealing with others

Realizing that having it is not the absence of failure

Willing to be held accountable and not give blame to others

Owning the situation and all the outcomes that occur

Again, doing the right thing, when the right thing, is the right thing to do

Being transparent in actions at all times, not some of the time

Understanding that having integrity is a full time way of doing

Knowing that a lapse can perhaps create a loss of confidence

Understanding that integrity is judged by behavior and actions

By setting the bar high, others can obtain it as a lesson to learn

Den Betts

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