Respect 2015-34

Respect    2015-34

Respect goes along with and is part of the word Integrity, I think!!!!. I offer the two posts together, whereas I could have made them as one combined, in the first place. You could also include the word trust in the mix and that would be appropriate.  The first part of having respect for others is to first have respect for yourself and that is sometimes a hard thing to accomplish. (I learned that from reading Confucius).

                                      Respect    2015-34

Something that cannot be purchased or received for free — and involves effort

A commodity that is earned and once received – to be cherished

Respect can be given to others as well as received by those around you,

But in both cases, being worthy is always a thing to be considered

Showing respect for another can be as simple as a gesture or a spoken word,

Consider the person, the place and time for these are important

Can respect be a form of behavior that is learned from childhood?

Through life’s lessons we all learn and by learning we practice it as well,

It is to show honor or esteem for someone or something we see or know

Impossible to do if there is no uprightness, by any, through their actions

Worth more than wealth, more than possessions, more than almost anything,

With respect come value, honor, and integrity – things that cannot be bought

Respect is something that is perhaps sought after, but not gained – if not deserved

But once obtained,  to be prized as a richness unlike any other……..

Den Betts



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