Travelers Wish 2018-41

Looking at this one that I wrote, I can see it is many things.  It is a wish, a prayer, a hope, and is many things that I have for those of other color, faith, roots, locales and such. Like a man of over a decade ago, where he was abused by those in authority, Rodney King said, “Why can’t we all get along”, or something like that at the time.   Too easy to be said, too hard to put into practice in this divided world we live in now.  Sad!!!!


Travelers Wish    2018-41


If, per chance, our paths may cross,

Our shadows inner mingle, on a summer day

May we both prosper, benefit,

And be truly enlightened by the experience.

And, may we both realize,

That regardless of the hue of external cover,

Spiritual convictions, tribal clan origins,

When we part, may we do so as friends,

Traveling onward, but also leaving in our wake

A part of ourselves behind,

In a kind remembrance to each other.

Den Betts


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