Being Truthful/ Honest 2018-50

Being Truthful/Honest   2018-50                                            4-28-18 Post

Truth is tied in with honesty, but both can be difficult to acknowledge and live with in life. I would think that we MUST be honest, when we say we are truthful.

It is my opinion that many people are NOT always honest with others and, in essence, not truthful at times in our dealings with those others. Perhaps we THINK we are, when we are not; something to think about, I guess. I MUST include myself in this, because of my being human and subject to  life’s foibles .  Is not saying something to a person lying by omission? Yeh, probably or absolutely……

This may be a defense to protect ourselves from “the others” or in effect, hide from the truth when we are communicating our thoughts.

On the other hand, we could be “too truthful” in our discussions. Who would want to be told that the mole on the end of the nose of “the other” looks hideous. Too much truth can hurt people emotionally and that would be cruel by telling the truth as YOU see it.

BUT, being honest in a good way can be helpful also.  Maybe the other needs to hear the truth at times, which could help them in the long run. I don’t know if someone would “want” to be lied to instead of hearing a factual truthful thought, but perhaps so.

On the other hand, after having a horrible accident that left me with some memory loss, I found that NOT telling outright lies was beneficial to me; I did not have to remember lies.  I was then subject to having anyone say I said something where I did not.  Did this happen? Not that I am aware of, which tells a lot about those I deal with; all great people. IF someone did lie to me, on purpose of course, I would be mortified and my feelings toward that person would degrade to the lowest of a low point in life. 

I also believe that with being truthful and honest, lends itself to being respected.  If someone is truthful and it is known that they can be depended on to be accurate to all, they would earn respect by many. We are dealing with someone today that lies a lot and I do not respect that person at all. For one thing lies can be found out so easily that to do so, is just plain stupid. It is sad in a way.

If everyone were to be honest with others, it would be a different world. I, myself, want the truth, and may resent hearing it, but in the long run, I can deal with it and its ramifications.


Den Betts