For Granted 2018-42

As I get older I think about this subject more. I do NOT worry about it, just am aware of what I do and do not do and realize that taking life for granted is not a thing to do. I wrote this when I had a close experience with death and it is still true, just for living!!!

For Granted   2018-42

So much we take for granted,

Existence on this mother Earth.

From the womb to the tomb

In such a whisper of heartbeats

Weighed against the infinity of time

Things we smell, see and feel,

Our senses reel in splendor

To much we take for granted still.

Each day, hour and moment lived

Cherish as it is- in spite

Of turmoil or rewards of bliss.

Things we love to be loved even more,

Too quick in time, the lives become lore.

For granted we take our everyday living,

Instead to be lived to the fullest with giving.


Den Betts  

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