Why Again 2015-124

I recently posted a blog called Why? It received somewhat of a good reaction, so I came out with another one, “Why Again” to expound a little further on the subject. The little boy is still asking, but still not getting the answers; I guess. Regardless, the same question comes up but will we hear what we want to hear sometime????

Why Again 2015-124

Why? The little boy asks,

For an answer to a simple question

Why, he asks, is the sky so blue,

Yet so black at night with stars

Why, for so many questions,

That come to a mind so young

I ask why too, but answers do not come,

For the many things in the world today

Why, for instance, do we accept the deaths

On highways due to drunks

Or drug induced horrors we see,

on TV and streets each day

Why do we condone the way

leaders do not lead

And why is there the killing done

in the name of religion too

Even those that do have not the real

Reasons of why they do…..

And yet, it’s not hard to understand,

The unanswered whys, I have

When we cannot even get along

With our neighbors for little things

The rage that occurs for simple reasons

That should not cause a stir

How can we expect nations to agree

And settle their differences with calm

To ask ‘Why Not ‘ for all these things

Is being naïve to a degree

But then again, I should know better

Den Betts

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