Awakening 2015-123

Occasionally I will, on purpose, post a blog that may not make sense to some, but will to others. I hate calling them a challenge, but in essence they are exactly that. There is no prize, no reward, or even recognition if you understand, like or comment on this post. If you do not, that is ok, just humor me and continue to go on with life in your own way; which is ok too……….What scares me ,somewhat, is –I DO understand this one.

Awakening 2015-123


The ability; taught from

a mothers creativity;

Nourished by life’s experiences

thoughts molded, reshaped over

again; held in reserve




An occurrence by accident

creating a blankness in the mind

Evolving to an innocence

compared like dawn’s arrival

Sprung forth to freedom,

to scream at the world

A sharing to all, plus

reserved to part of the inner self




At first, not understanding

but then comprehensible with time

the reflections of ones own

and others of their deeds

From passing hours, arrives

the refinements; a process

of nature and time

exacting knowledge and compassion

as a by product of the process itself.




Created by mothers milk and

remembered by the struggles of

survival, reborn by fate;

the Awakening continues

for eternity.


Den Betts

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