Make a Change 2015-110

How easy it is in life to go on and on and on without making a change to improve ourselves or the way of life we live. To make a change involves doing something different and taking the chance that the change will not go well. But, to not make a change and continue in the existence we live is not really the best thing to do; is it?. It does take some fortitude to make that change, but WOW, what if it is to the Better?????

Make a Change 2015-110

They say the only constant in life,

Is that there will always be change.

Change is usually considered good or bad,

But sometimes it is in between.

In many cases, not exactly what you want,

And perhaps you have to take it as it comes.

Accepting change can be a hard thing to do,

But its easier to cope if you try.

It can be wonderful, or it can be very sad,

A thing to hate or one to be glad.

Your choices in life are always there,

But, decisions will create a change,

It is what you make of it that really counts,

So, try the change, and if bad –

Again, make a change…

Den Betts

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