The Man Who Could 2015-119

The Man Who Could   2015-119

The man, who could, at one time, could not. It was a process and he lived through it and it became that which he did not ask for, but received anyhow.

It started with a simple prayer. He thought he would pray for something that was somewhat generic and he wanted to see what he received. He did not receive that which he asked for, but instead something far greater.

He had been watching the news on TV and listening to the horrors of the world that transpired on a regular basis. So, he asked for peace. I guess that was too broad of a request and the one he was praying too ignored that one, he thought.

But, what he did not realize that, as part of the prayer was an additional one that asked God for the ability to hear the anguished prayers of others. Why he asked for that ability he does not even remember, but it was so.

He got more than he wanted. Yes, he heard the prayers of others to God, but he heard ALL of them or many at least. God gave him the ability to hear others pray and at the beginning of most of the prayers, he heard the word God. That was the problem.

He was inundated with the prayers that began with things like, “Oh God!”, “Oh my God”, and the ones like “God damn it” in the form of swearing at something. He heard these words and others, over and over and over. It was overwhelming to him.

Yes, there were actual prayers of requests, pleadings, those of thanks, etc., but these were far outweighed by the ones taking the name of the Lord in vain.

Most of what he heard was, of course, not prayers. He finally got the point, and realized that what he was hearing were cries of another nature. There was anguish out there; there were frustrations and heartaches beyond the norm. He realized that he, himself, was guilty of calling for God, but not really wanting God to do something or answer him.

The man then thought about what he had learned or was learning in the process of hearing other prayers and outcry’s being said. People in general, were not taking advantage of the presence of God and had learned to use the word God in an ungodly like nature as a standard way of speaking every day. He was a personal witness to these actions and he was embarrassed to know it.

Many though, were praying to God in a way that called out for help, understanding and an acknowledgement of Him. He did feel good about that fact and he realized that there was nothing he could do actively about what he was learning. BUT, there was something he could do.

He could let others know about prayer, about God and what He hears from his children. Hopefully, they will hear the man and understand that OMG, and Oh Hell, and God damn it, are NOT to be used in daily living situations. It will make a difference, a small one, but a difference for those that hear Him and perhaps they will change……. So be it…………

And so, finally he understood many things that were unknown before and he was at peace, which he originally wanted anyhow. So God in his wisdom, allowed the man to hear those asking for God, and in doing so the man found that God is what He is and not something or someone that is taken for granted. God finally gave the man respite from the hearing and did listen to when the man asked Him for help, council, comfort and love……………

Den Betts