True Power 2015-109

I think when I originally wrote this, I might have known why I was doing so, at the time. The why now escapes me, but the content, somewhat makes sense even now. It MAY have been about politicians, don’t know now, but here it is anyhow………  I am not sure if all that I wrote is what I believe now, though……. Confused???

True Power 2015-109

The power of a man as

measured by his control

and influence of others

shall be dictated by the ones

who allow this power to last


As long as the benefits

are to those that control

the process, the man

with the power shall

forever rule

The mass that is dictated to

by the power of the man

is in turn, controlled

by those that allow

the process to occur


Therefore, the few

or small minority

are the power

behind the man

showing the power


The mass does not

control the man

but instead,

are the ones

controlled by others


Den Betts

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