Face at the Window 2015-75

This is a poem about a period of despair where things were “not right” in my mind, but not knowing why at the time. I share this to let others know that sometimes crap happens and we have a choice of living with it or not.  It IS easier to look back at life sometimes instead of at the moment, but that is life itself; one of periods of time to experience. I survived a terrible time in my life, and, looking backward, can still reminisce about the journey then and sometimes even now…..

Face at the Window 2015-75

Looking out at the world so near,

yet so far; seeing, but not knowing

of the things others hold so dear.


Peering, wondering, about the earthly

smell, a swish of feet on green grass,

a kiss of the wind on cheek so swell.


A desire so great to escape the bonds,

of a way of life that seems like hell

to do the things that others do, so well.


Nose on glass, breath making fog

a wish, a want, a longing for a chance

to live a life free of minds smog.


Not really hurt, no visible scar, no

means of knowing by others who blurt,

“You look so great, you are, you are!”


Days turn to a week, then to months,

a look at the past that’s gone so fast

with a future that seems so bleak.


Not knowing what, scared of what, not

trying to think of what, not having

the mind to see what, just asking – what?


Den Betts

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