Living Forever 2015-76

Too often, some people think they are going to live forever on Earth, or at least believe or act so,  at times. Too late, unfortunately, they find out otherwise and it is a shock, a disappointment or worse. How we live, take care of ourselves, or not, makes a large difference on the total of our existence. Too much drinking, smoking, taking stupid chances, etc, all can catch up with us in a most ill-fated way, at times. Then, we might have regrets, but, being too late, we can only lament on our being.

Living Forever  2015-76

Many things are forever or so they appear to be,

Life on earth is not, but eternity is; hopefully.

We take so much for granted, each and every day,

The thought of living forever is with us all the way.


So many things we should do and not do in our life,

We have so little time, so it should be done just right.

Too many think of life as – a holler and a yell,

And only realize too late that there is a final bell.


We can have fun and do our living, as we could,

But in the end our record shows how it really stood.

One day at a time is a way of a longer life,

Just try to do it less all the stressful strife.


Life can be fun and also sad, depending on the day,

It is what and how it is, and we MUST live it that way.

So forever can be a long time before we are to die,

And living and enjoying life is what we should really try.


If I may add this last advice, without appearing odd,

Try to include, forever and a day, the one we call our God…

Den Betts

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