Worms 2015-78

How many worms have I fed to the fish in the pond nearby? Too many, I say! We take these “creatures” for granted, but they are out there, and not menaces like some things that fly and take blood at night. My daughter used to harvest them for her garden, I think, and had bunches of them in a tray of some sorts. Not something my wife would like to know or appreciate. Perhaps there should be more things like worms instead of other things that we have around us………

Worms  2015-78

A slimy, oozy thing of nature,

Found most anywhere

It stretches and recoils

Moving in the creature’s lair.


From minute small to a

Brazilian rope of mass

It struggles for survival

Amidst a world of mud and grass.


Used as bait to catch a fish

And even eaten by some; I hear

Seen after a rain on a walk

Trying to breath the air.


Eating dirt in its journey

To go from here to there

Shunning light, coming at night

Making it seldom seen, so rare.


A benefit to man, not known by all

It helps the soil in every way

But, looked by some with distaste

As a slim, slimy thing, each day.


Its not bad and doesn’t bite,

Will not hurt a soul I daresay

As per this, perhaps we should—

Declare a National Worm Day.


Den Betts