Speaking for Christians 2015-73

Speaking for Christians    2015-73

I cannot do so! I cannot speak for other Christians that I have not talked to, read about, or otherwise been in touch with about a subject.

I resent, therefore, the posts, the news articles, and all the rest of published or otherwise stated sayings about Christians and what they believe in about a subject.

How do the far right or left know what I think or believe?  How do they comprehend what God thinks and what gives them the right to be the spokesperson concerning Christians in general or the whole?

Pick a subject! I don’t care if it is about homosexuality, abortion, marriage or lack of, executions, or any of the other hot topics that we hear about daily, it seems.

Bill O’Reilly, the Pope, and The President of the United States, are examples of people that do NOT have a secret connection, or IN with God to say they KNOW what He thinks or believes.  Yes, I included the Pope. He is human, not a God, and does NOT have confirmed knowledge of what God decrees.

OK, there is Scripture according to the Christian Bible as a guide. It, the Bible, in my mind, is not Inerrant or has a freedom or lack of error.  I DO believe it is God inspired, but in fact, was put together by men that are NOT infallible. I encourage anyone to read about the history of the Bible and actually find out how it became what it is today. Those people might find out some facts that are startling to contemplate.

More about the subject of speaking to Christians

There are items that come up on the news at night that really tick me off. The newscaster goes on and on about a subject that he is reporting and the slant is, he or she is reporting as facts that the person he is talking to knows all and is the expert and speaks for ALL Christians. At least, that is what it sounds like.

I am a Christian, but it doesn’t mean I am against ALL abortions, or hate gay people, or think a vile SOB that killed someone needs to be put to death.  All Christians have minds of their own and there is NOBODY that can speak for all of us.

It would be better if the person reporting would say explicitly that the person being interviewed is from the such and such group, which believes in the subject being reported on, to clarify it. The Westboro Baptist non- church is not my spokesperson on anything for instance.

Same sex marriages are becoming a way of the land in the United States, and for groups to be against this, is their opinion and not the opinion of God or me, simple as that. Many times the Bible is cited as an example of their thoughts. The interpretations of the Scriptures are again their own.  Also, something that was put together by men, very long ago does not make it so today. The canons of the Bible took some time (in the 4th Century), but what parts were left out and was it  a good thing to do so, or was it done as an opinion of those making the canons and what they thought it should be  then. I have researched this and can find no authority of how the canons came to be, other than some facts of when and where they were compiled,  but noting in detail as to the rules on how they were applied at the time.

What also gets me is the way those that state they are Christian and use the word in conjunction with something they believe in but,  really do not live the life of a Christian or know what Christianity is about in many ways. I consider myself a Christian but I cannot judge myself as being a good one or a so- so one, but make the claim of being one anyhow. But, that does not give ME the right to speak for all Christians, just because I think I am one and what I think at that time.

Decency in expression

Another thing, I read articles in the Huffington Post, for instance, and then comments by other readers. Some of the comments are so VILE, so GROSS, so everything that is not nice, decent or at times even makes sense.  I end up ignoring them, but, at times, wonder what those people are really like. I would think they may be very negative thinking and hard to live with today. I know of some like that, personally, and they are not really great to meet, talk to, or have around on a regular basis due to their stance on life……

I think that many people, including myself, should take the time and rethink their thinking about certain statements they make, that give insight as to what they believe in. Again, that includes me, and what I put down in writing, it would be best at times that I take the time to re-read what I wrote and consider changing, perhaps, what I state I believe in. Others could do the same.

I could rant on and on about this subject, but will stop for now and regroup and reconsider some of the things I believe in. Whether it will do any good to do so will remain to be seen.  Peace be with you!!!!!

Den Betts

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